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Mast roller
€ 24.90 € 19.90
Mast roller
Mast roller
€ 51.80 € 25.90
Mast roller
Mast roller
€ 57.00 € 39.90
Mast roller

About us

Located in the heart of Transylvania, a city with a long tradition in manufacturing bearings (URB), our company is specialized in designing, manufacturing, and distributing high quality rollers and bearings for handling equipment.        


Using age-old knowledge coupled with cutting edge technology, our team of specialists can materialize any project, big or small, requiring customized, precision rollers. We believe our high quality and competitive pricing will encourage you to try our products, and our world-class customer service will keep you coming back.

In case the product you are looking for is not in stock, we are happy to support our customers by manufacturing low volume orders, and showing great flexibility in delivery terms based on the volume of products required.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and give our products a try, as we are confident that they will meet all your requirements !



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